Oz comes to Bloomfield this week

After weeks of work, the Davis County Players production of the Wizard of Oz takes hits the stage tonight for a four night run.

Mounting an elaborate production like the Wizard of Oz is a challenge for any theater company, but for a small amateur company the challenge is particularly steep.

The show features two dozen elementary students as munchkins and even a live Toto, so rehearsals have been energetic to say the least.

So did using first graders as munchkins work out?

Well, i love little kids and so its really fun, sometimes they can be a little hyper, said cast member Hannah Orwig.

To help mitigate some of the potential problems, show director Michelle Williams has two actresses playing Dorothy because she was concerned the show would have to be cancelled if the actor playing Dorothy got sick.

Davis County music teacher Abby Norton will play the role tonight and on Saturday.

Davis County High school student Cayle Boatman takes on the role Friday and Sunday.

Cast member Maddie McClure tells KTVO she expects a good turnout for the weekend show.

"I am just excited to see that everyone gets to she what we've been working for over the past month or two."

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