Parade for the Jefferson County Fair kicked off downtown

Jefferson County parade in downtown Fairfield

The parade for the Jefferson County Fair took place in downtown Fairfield Tuesday evening.

People brought their lawn chairs to the square as they anxiously waited for all the festive floats and sights to see. Participants for the 4-H Jefferson County parade consisted of firefighters and police officers, several different clubs in the community, Iowa beauty queens, tractor enthusiasts, various animals and more. Some of the spectators were also able to catch candy thrown out from people on floats. Fair board members have been working diligently for all the events set to take place in Jefferson County.

â??They have been working for two weeks nonstop,â?? Kortney Heald, the wife of a Jefferson County Fair Board member said. â??I'm lucky if I see my husband for a half hour at night. There's a lot of behind the scenes things that fair board members do that people don't even notice because by the time they get to the fair it's done.â??

You can find a complete list of all the fair activities taking place from now until Sunday here.