Parade in downtown Hedrick brings community together

Hedrick BBQ Days annual parade in downtown Hedrick on Saturday morning

This year marks the 53rd Annual Barbeque Days in Hedrick, Iowa.

Starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, the parade honoring veterans took over downtown Hedrick. The whole town was abuzz.

â??Yes, this is one of the times every year that we can get the community together and people from other communities come in and some people that used to live here may come back and enjoy the parade as well,â?? said Marlys Breon-Drish, Ottumwa resident.

â??Even though the town is -- we no longer have a school -- small towns die but it's an attempt to keep our small little town alive,â?? said Joyce Poough, Hedrick resident.

Various groups within the community participated in the parade and made floats.

The three day event started on Friday and ends on Sunday. The weekend is full of festivities for the whole family. And of course, there is a lot of barbeque included in the weekend.

Poough said the parade is a long-standing tradition. Next yearâ??s parade will be a homecoming theme.

The hope is to get together all of the past homecoming parade girls and marching band members and have a celebration of Hedrick High School.

Although the high school is no longer there, there are many local Hedrick residents that once attended the local high school.