Parents learn their role in school shootings

Many kids in the Heartland are returning to school this week and one school district wanted to let parents know that they're working to keep your kids safe this school year.

On Wednesday night, the Schuyler County School District, along with Strategos International, presented a lecture regarding the community's role in helping to prevent a threat of active school shooters.

With the recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary last December still fresh on everyone's minds, the lecture was designed to educate the community to increase their level of awareness and how to help prevent incidents.

"We want our students to be safe and we want to be prepared. You hope this doesn't happen in your community, but in case it does, we want to be ready for that," said Schuyler County Schools Superintendent Robert Amen.

"The approach to this is that this is a community response from top to bottom. Everyone has a role. Our teachers have a role, they're our first responder. Police officers come in to assist as a team. But the parents, what is their role," Mark Warren of Strategos International.

Warren said parents play a very important role in preventing school shooting or violence incidents by taking action right away if they see or hear something that just doesn't look right.

"When they hear of a threat, how to do they report it, what is the threat. What constitutes it...we talk about suicide awareness and bullying. So we want to open the lines of communication between the school, law enforcement, and the appropriate people so they know who to contact," Warren said.

Administrators and organizers are hoping that parents and the community took away from this event and know what they have to do in the case of an emergency or a crisis.

"It's one of these times where we don't want an event like this to happen. But we want to be as well prepared as can in order for us to release the children back to their parents," Amen said.

"We can't put our heads in the sand and not be prepared. We want everyone to get something out of it. You have to be trained on how to respond," Warren said.

The Strategos group also did a separate training session with the school district and teachers on the overview of school safety and and went over lockdown plans for them.

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