Parents of Kathlynn Shepard push for stricter sex offender laws

The parents of Kathlynn Shepard, the Iowa teen who was kidnapped and murdered nearly two months ago by a paroled convict, are pushing for a law that will protect Iowa children from the tragedy they recently suffered.

Kathlynn's Law would be based on a similar measure called Chelsea's Law, which passed in California in 2010. That legislation enforces a one-strike provision for sexual predators who rape children, and additionally requires enhanced monitoring of paroled sex offenders and other criminals thought to be dangerous to children.

â??Kathlynn's Hope is being powered by Chelsea's Light,â?? Denise Shepard, Kathlynnâ??s mother said. â??Chelsea's Light Foundation is an organization that's been working with people to change the laws. They have been changed in California; some of the law has been passed in Texas.â??

â??Our plan right now is weâ??re working with Chelsea's Light to build a grassroots campaign trying to get as many volunteers as possible, as many voices as we can from Iowa because the more voices we have, the more apt the legislators will be to listen,â?? Michael Shepard, Kathlynnâ??s father said.

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