Participants dream big at annual Kiwanis Kids' Day Parade

Parade streams through the Fairfield Square.

Kids' dreams set the stage for this year's theme at the 47th annual Kiwanis Kids' Day Parade.

"Kids dream of saving the world,â?? Rachel Aplara said. â??We just went with the most recent superhero that's been released, which was the Avengers, so we just all dressed up as superheroes.â??

Judging by their costumes, these kids had some pretty ambitious goals in life and big imaginations.

"I'm a baseball player because I want to be a baseball player when I grow up," Cason Miller said.

"A cowgirl," Ellie Stever said.

"I want to be a doctor and help people feel better," Emmelia Miller said.

Hailey Coup's dream of being in a marching band became a reality.

"I'm a percussionist,â?? Coup said. â??I play the mini-bass drum."

Her inspiration: "My dad he played the drums, and I thought that was so cool, so I decided to be a percussionist."

Also in the line-up included schools, local law enforcement, various businesses and non-profit organizations. Many groups spent hours putting together their creative floats.

â??It's a hardware display for a hardware store, and we just give some variety of what they sold in the store,â?? Roger Elliott said.

â??It was a moon and some stars and a bed made out of two cardboard things and a table," Stever said.

But every year it's about giving back to the community.

â??The theme for the parade is kidsâ?? dreams, so we went with that in the float if there's any winning stuff, it goes to the Noah's Ark Foundation,â?? Dianne Palmer said.