Payment for the expansion of Highway 63 complete

After more than ten years of collecting a half cent sales tax, the Highway 63 Corporation is celebrating completion of the Highway 63 Project.
In June, the Highway 63 Corporation will make the final installment payment of $696,498 to the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) for the expansion of Highway 63 to four lanes from Macon to Kirksville.

The final payment comes almost 9 months ahead of schedule according to a press release.
Highway 63 Corporation Chairman Harriet Beard said this has been a long process. The corporation was formed in July of 2000 and the citizens of Kirksville approved the half cent economic development sales tax in April of 2002.

Beard said although this project is complete she does not consider her work done just yet.
â??I do not consider our job completed yet, because we want to get to Iowa with our highway improvements, â??Beard said. â??It has helped a lot with our universities and economic development and we know that getting to Iowa and working with Iowa is very important.â??

The corporation would like for the community to celebrate with them this accomplishment.
The corporation and MoDOT will be having an ice cream social on June 5 at 3 p.m. on the mall adjacent to the Truman State University Student Union Building.

The sales tax will continue until repayment for the Highway 63 Alternate Route is complete.