People test drive cars, raise money for Cardinal School District

Drive 4 UR School at Cardinal Community Schools

A local car dealership held a fundraiser for the Cardinal Community School District on Saturday.

For each person who signs up the Drive 1 4 UR School fundraiser, Festler Auto Mall and Ford donate $20 to the school hosting the event. No cars were allowed to be sold today, so no sales pressure was there to those who came out to test drive a vehicle for a good cause. Cardinal Schools will be able to use the money raised towards funding their extracurricular activities.

â??This is our second event with Fesler and Ford and it's just been a great event,â?? Superintendent Joel Pedersen said. â??Last time we reached $6,000, and were hoping to get $6,000 again. We were able to make some improvements whether it be our band program or our basketball, football or music program. We just use it for our activities.â??

â??Generally the mornings are a little slow and they ramp up to absolute chaos around lunchtime,â?? Brian Starnes, Fesler Auto Mall Co-owner said. â??This is our seventh Drive 1 4 UR School, the second one we've hosted for Cardinal.â??

Fesler and Ford will donate up to $6,000 to the school district.