Perfect summer plants for your backyard

As summer is progressing, you may be realizing your plants are getting more difficult to maintain.

With the heat of summer itâ??s important to keep up with your plants.

Trimming them regularly helps keep them to look fresh and live longer.

For the best results, follow plant instructions regarding the amount of light and water it needs to survive.

â??Keep them watered thoroughly, even if you get a little rain,â?? said Kristy Ostrander. â??The biggest mistake people make is they might only water a couple cups or a quart. If you have a big container pot you may need a gallon or two to soak it all the way through so summer, if we start getting these hot long dry days you need to maintain the plants you have and theyâ??ll be beautiful all summer long and into the fall.â??

There is still plenty of time to plant and replant for summer with lots of clearance deals at the greenhouse.

Watch the video above for more information.