Pet fish victim of La Plata vandalism spree

Photo by Vanessa Alonso

UPDATE: The Kirksville Police Department has made an arrest in connection with a series of break-ins in La Plata that we told you about Monday.

We arenâ??t releasing the suspect's name just yet because he hasnâ??t been formally charged.

He is an 18-year-old male from Kirksville.

La Plata Police Chief Jason Bunch said the expected charge will be receiving stolen property.

Bunch told KTVO a tip from an apartment building maintenance man led to the arrest.

The chief said property stolen from La Plata City Hall and the concession stand at Santa Fe Lake were found at a Kirksville apartment.

That property included a radio, several keys and a lot of snack items like chips, candy bars and beef sticks.

Bunch said the maintenance man saw all these items outside an apartmentâ??s door and thought they looked suspicious so he reported it to Kirksville police.

The investigation into others who were possibly involved in the break-ins continues.

We will keep you updated on further developments.


A Heartland community was the victim of overnight vandalism.

Employees of La Plata City Hall came in to work early Monday morning to find the side window broken with glass shattered everywhere.

They also discovered several computers, printers and other office equipment heavily damaged.

About $200 was also stolen, and the pet fish was killed.

The bandits didn't stop there. Other La Plata stores were targeted by vandalism.

Grandma's Cafe had several items reported missing from Sunday night's incident.

The concession stand at Santa Fe Lake was also broken into.

The crime has left city employees and residents outraged.

â??This is going to cost every taxpayer because it's city property so it's not just that person that got hit. Grandma's's a small business, those people are trying to make it. When they have to pay out extra money that just hurts them. Then you have every city taxpayer that have to kick in a dollar or two to help replace items and possibly upgrade security,â?? said Sgt. T.J. Stephenson with the La Plata Police Department.

Surveillance video is the only lead the La Plata Police Department has right now to try to find the person or persons who committed this crime.

If you have any information to help break this case, you are urged to contact the La Plata Police Department.