Pet safety in the heat

As you know, temperatures over the past week have been near 100 degrees and these conditions can be dangerous for your pets. That is the topic you wanted to know more about for Thursdayâ??s Facebook Story of the day.

And a lot of the same precautions and things we need to cool down with, your pets also need to cool down.

â??Never leave your pet in the car. Definitely make sure that if your pet is out doors that they have plenty of shade and plenty of fresh water throughout the day. You also want to make sure to change it or that they have several water sources in case something gets knocked over during the day. When you exercise your pet, and especially if it is an indoor pet use to the inside conditions, exercise early when it is a little bit cooler outside,â?? said Missy Decker from Adair County Humane Society.

If you pet starts to show signs of being lethargic, has heavy panting, or heavy drooling that could be a sign of some distress. Bring your pet inside and make sure they have water available.

Should you see a pet in distress or in an unattended car you can call your local police department or the humane society of Missouri animal abuse hotline at 314-647-4400.