Petition for safer playground gets results

A concerned mother took matters into her own hands after a scary situation at the Macon Elementary School playground. At the end of last month, an SUV barreled through the fence and hit a swing-set. Luckily, no children were playing at the time.

I saw the picture and that really worried me because I have seen several children out there playing, they will wave at the traffic as they go by and I thought what if someone's actually standing there and somebody would have been hurt or killed, and if that happened to my daughter that would just devastate me, and I figured I probably wasn't the only one, said Chandra Grawe, a concerned parent.

Grawe started a petition to make sure an incident like this never happens again.

I had 106 signatures in less than a week. I was surprised and extremely humbled that everybody said they agree with me that something needed to be done and we would really like to see concrete barriers put there, Grawe said. School officials agree that this incident is a safety concern and are working with MoDOT to have barriers placed between the playground fence and the highway. Until at least temporary barriers are set up, that part of the playground will not be used.