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      Pets and their owners come out to meet Santa at annual Santa Paws

      On Saturday, the Heartland Humane Society held their annual fundraiser at the Earl May Nursery in Ottumwa.

      The event was called â??Santa Paws". Dogs and cats had the opportunity to have their picture taken with Santa Claus and their family members.

      We spoke with members of the Heartland Humane Society and they say that this event gets bigger every year.

      â??Today we are having Santa Paws and weâ??ve done it at least 10 years, and it is always the Sunday before Thanksgiving. We are here at Earl May from noon until four, and you can get your picture taken, your animal or you can be in it too for $10; and you get a 5X7 picture. We usually do around 60 to 70 animals, so it is a wonderful day,â?? said Jean Sporer with Heartland Humane Society.

      Sporer also says that they could use more donations at Heartland Humane.

      â??We can use everything; food, supplies, whatever you can give, we appreciate everything,â?? Sporer said.

      Sporer says that if you are interested in adopting a pet at Heartland Human to contact them or stop by their location in Ottumwa.