Pets: making the choice between a cat or dog

Deciding on a new pet for your home is a little more complicated than choosing cat or dog. When it comes to choosing the first animal for you household, it is important to look into your location, time commitment, and lifestyle.

â??It depends completely on your familyâ??s lifestyle. If you are home all the time, a pet that is housebroken wouldnâ??t be a necessity since you would have time to work on that. If you are someone working full time, two jobs, or going to school, a housebroken pet would definitely be a plus,â?? said Adair County Humane Societyâ??s Missy Decker.

Training your animal is not necessarily a difficult process. There are several training techniques for getting that done that help. It is important to remember just because an animal is easy to take care of doesnâ??t necessarily mean that it is the right pet for your home.