Phil Noel named Ottumwa Regional Health Center CEO

Phil Noel has been named CEO of Ottumwa Regional Health Center

Ottumwa Regional Health Center (ORHC) has just named its new CEO.

Phil Noel who has been serving as interim CEO for the past 30 days will now carry on as the head of ORHC.

Noel moved to Ottumwa from San Antonio, Texas where he was the Chief Operating Officer at Trail Baptist Hospital, part of the Baptist Health System.

He said he brings diverse management experience to the table and the ability to look at things strategically.

â??I think most importantly is the ability to bring -- do relationships. Healthcare is a very complicated business today and I think you need to be able to over time develop and maintain those relationships to be successful -- a lot more transparency, a lot more teamwork. You can't be independent and do the things you did in the past. You really got to work closely with your medical staff, your employees, your governance structure and your community to make sure you're providing everything,â?? said Noel.

Over the last 30 days, Noel has put on employee forums and talked with almost every employee about his expectations.