Photographers lose everything in building collapse

Lace Image Photography Unionville, Missouri

On Monday morning the citizens of Unionville woke up to a collapsed building downtown.

The building that gave way on the corner of 17th and Main housed a local photography studio called Lace Image Photography.

The owners of the studio got the heartbreaking wake-up call at 4 a.m.

Lacey and Ian Gilworth of Unionville, Mo., told KTVO they lost everything, including their cameras, two computers and photographs.

Lacey said sheâ??s heartbroken.

Unionville City Administrator John Roach said about 3 Monday morning the building built in the late 1800s collapsed.

â??From what we gathered the building was built in 1872,â?? Roach said. â??We're waiting on the insurance adjuster to come and take a look at it and then there will be an architect to come later this evening to check it and check the building next door structurally.â??

Roach said currently they do not have a cause as to why the building went down. No one was injured when the walls of the building caved in.

Roach said they are working to make sure everyone stays safe. â??(Weâ??re) making sure that everybody is safe and that nobody goes in and tries to do something they shouldn't.â??