Pie Lady back for more

Tragedy shows character, Character of those directly affected as well as indirectly. One Eldon woman, Beth Howard decided she couldn't sit back and do nothing after seeing the lives in Newtown Connecticut drastically change after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting.

So, she went to what she does best, baking pies, over 250 to be exact. After loading the comfort food in her RV she made the 18 plus hour drive to Newtown for the first time.

"We handed them out by the slice and also whole pies for the community to bring some comfort and for some compassion for the tragedy,â?? said Howard.

Residents along with Beth enjoyed her time in Newtown so much they didnâ??t want her to leave.â??They said you know, itâ??d be great if you didnâ??t come just one time and forget about us. You know, could you come back again, and so I did,â?? said Howard.

Beth made the trip back to Newtown from March third through the ninth where she taught two pie classes a day. She taught in schools, churches, and anywhere else she was asked. She taught young and old alike, tapping out the youngest students at three and four years old.

She wondered, â??Is this really going to influence these kids, they donâ??t understand grief or do they really understand this metaphor of pie and sharing.â??

But they did, and her lesson was much appreciated.

â??We got lots of hugs, we gave lots of hugs, saw lots of smiles. Which was really encouraging.â??

If Beth is faced with a similar decision of returning for a third time her choice wouldn't be hard. You may even say it would be as easy as pie.