Pilot program encourages residents to recycle more

Ottumwa/Wapello County Recycling Center

The Ottumwa/Wapello County Recycling Center is implementing a pilot program that will begin before long on the city's Southside.

As a way to increase the number of people who recycle, the center sent out invitations in the mail to select households, including those on Davis, Ransom, and Willard Streets, offering those residents a 35-gallon recycling cart, which will be picked up with their trash collection. The new bin will have a lid and be double the size of the current red recycle bins residents are using now.

â??I'd like to encourage anyone who enjoys recycling and feels like recycling is important to that [form] out and either mail it to us or drop it off, so that we got on the list to participate in this pilot project,â?? Janice Bain, recycling coordinator said.

If the program proves successful, Bain says all households in Ottumwa will soon have larger recycle bins. Organizers will determine if the pilot program is successful by comparing the weights of recyclables collected in the larger bins versus the smaller bins. For more information you are asked to call the recycling center at 641-683-0685.