Pioneer Ridge Nature Center Youth Camp focuses on the outdoors

The weather was perfect on Tuesday for Pioneer Ridge Nature Centerâ??s Youth Camp.

Kids ages five through nine enjoyed the outdoors by learning how to fish.

Throughout the day, the kids were guided on hikes where they got to explore nature and they helped make their own lunch over a fire with dutch ovens.

Pioneer Ridge staff said itâ??s important that kids spend a lot of time outdoors in nature.

â??Well for a lot of them, they don't get out very much. They're always in a manicured lawn or a park thatâ??s got mowed grass and for them to be out, see things that they donâ??t normally see and playing in the mud, playing with the fish is excellent for them. It gets them outside and a little more connected to their environment,â?? said Annette Wittrock, Pioneer Ridge Nature Center.

Pioneer Ridge Nature Center offers a whole array of outdoor activities.