Pit bull ban in Ottumwa to continue being enforced

Several concerned citizens met with the Ottumwa City Council on Monday to discuss the city's ban on pit bulls.

Several years ago, the city put the ban into place after several incidents happened, including in August of 2002 when 21 month old Charlee Shepherd was killed by a pit bull.

Some residents in the city don't agree with the ban; others say that there needs to be more specifics.

KTVO spoke with Ottumwa Police Chief Jim Clark about the issue Wednesday, he said that the ban in place is because of the council's actions, and new residents need to be educated on the law.

"In the past year or two, we have seen another increase in the ownership of pit bulls. I believe that is probably because we have a lot of newcomers coming to Ottumwa, both from the Chicago area where pit bulls are legal, as well as people from outside the country, and a lot of those, the people are possessing pit bulls. Part of this recent possession of pit bulls is, we probably need to do more education in telling newcomers that pit bulls are illegal in the city," Chief Clark said.

Chief Clark says until the council says otherwise, his department will continue to enforce the ban.

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