Playing pool for a good cause

White Hot Ministries put on a pool tournament at Burdockâ??s Pool and Games on Sunday. The money raised will go towards a counseling center in Wrexham, Wales.

The center would be one of the first in Northern Wales geared specifically toward runaways and pregnant teens. Ten percent of the youthâ??s population will run away at some point in their life.

â??If you think of ten kids you know, think of one of them just completely disappearing and just going on the streets. Some of the things that happen on the streets; there's prostitution, drugs. An amazing 80 percent of the kids that are actually on the street have either committed a theft or they have attempted to,â?? says Dan Lewis of White Hot Ministries.

Lewis said that because of the lifestyle these teenagers live that they are six to twelve times more likely to contract HIV or AIDS.

â??Itâ??s pretty similar to what happens in America. Itâ??s important to not ignore whatâ??s going on around the world,â?? said Lewis.

Lewis wants to help bring positive change to troubled teens and this is just one way heâ??s doing it. 400 dollars has been raised so far. To make a donation call White Hot Ministries at (641) 777-3984 or send checks to 203 N. Davis in Ottumwa.