Please stay off the road!

photo courtesy of MoDot taken 9/12/11

The Kirksville Police Department would like to caution motorists from seeking a shortcut by using the unfinished alternate route on the east side of town.

The department has already worked an injury vehicle crash, in which the driver turned north on the unfinished alternate route from Route P. The vehicle struck a parked construction trailer containing concrete and concrete forms. That crash resulted in the driver TMs vehicle becoming engulfed in flames. The crash sent the driver and his passenger to the hospital for treatment.

This was a completely avoidable motor vehicle crash, said Sgt. James Holzmeier. Had the driver of the vehicle not traveled past reflective barriers and cones, which indicated the road was not yet open to vehicular traffic, this crash would not have occurred.

Holzmeier said that even though the road appears drivable from vantage points at Mo. Highways 6 and 11, in reality problems lie all along the roadway. The new bypass route has shoulders that are still unfinished|they just drop off 8 to12 inches at a moment TMs notice. Plus, there are no guardrails installed on either of the two bridges along the stretch of roadway from Highway 6 to Highway P and quite often there are pieces of construction equipment parked directly on the roadway itself.

Holzmeier said the route is not legally accessible by the public. It remains an option for the contractors and/or the State of Missouri to file trespassing charges against anyone found on their property. He added that those found driving on the bypass could potentially face receiving a citation for Driving on a Roadway under Construction.

It TMs just not worth it to shave a few minutes TM time off your travel, Holzmeier cautioned. It TMs always better to be safe than to be sorry.

Citizens may contact the Kirksville Police Department at (660) 785-6945 or after 5 p.m. at (660) 665-5621 if they have any questions.Information from the Kirksville Police DepartmentClick here for MoDot update on Alternate Route 63