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      Plowing the roads with Kirksville Public Works

      With nearly 2-5 inches of snow hitting the ground Friday, roads were slippery and city workers were stationed on each end of town plowing the roads.

      KTVO's Destiny McKeiver took a ride in one of the plow trucks in Kirksville to get a bird's eye view of what it takes to keep our streets safe.

      She hitched a ride with Dave Foy as he plowed the south side of Kirksville Friday.

      Foy has been with the Kirksville Public Works Department for over 30 years.

      He says the biggest issue the city has during a snow day is avoiding parked cars along city streets.

      â??It makes it tougher when the cars are out in the way and the snow blows and you can't see where you're going and things like that. It makes it a little tougher,â?? says Foy.

      Kirksville street crews are scheduled to work either the morning shift or the night shift in the event of a winter storm.

      Both crews are typically scheduled for 8 hour shifts.