Police chase ends on Edina family's front lawn

A morning police chase ends with an Edina woman's van destroyed.

Christina McCauley did not expect to begin her Wednesday by finding police on her front porch.

â??If youâ??d been driving down the highway and had an accident that ended up looking like this, somebody definitely wouldâ??ve died,â?? she said as she looks on at her smashed van just feet away.

Around 4 o'clock Wednesday morning, Edina police received a call about a suspicious man in the neighborhood. Once they arrived, the man drove off and a chase ensued. It ended just a few blocks later at a house in the 200 block of Morgan Street.

â??I was sleeping and I heard a big, loud noise like a big boom,â?? McCauley said. â??I thought, â??oh, itâ??s lightning. Itâ??s storming.â?? There was a knock on the door about 15 minutes later and I realized the police were there. They said thereâ??d been an accident and your momâ??s car has been hit. The person that was involved in the accident had left the scene of the accident and they were trying to find them.â??

Police are not releasing the suspectâ??s name or whether or not the car he was driving was stolen.

The home sustained little damage, but her 1991 GMC Savana is a total loss.

â??Itâ??s just a car. Thatâ??s why we carry insurance. Nobody got hurt. It just could have been so terrible if somebody had gotten hit at the intersection or crossing the highway this morning. It could have been a very tragic situation," McCauley said.

The suspect is being held on a parole violation with more charges stemming from Wednesday morningâ??s incident to follow.