Police Chief McAndrew feels acclimated with new job title

The City Council swore in Ottumwaâ??s new Police Chief Tom McAndrew on May 21, and Tuesday was his first day back to work with the new job title.

Heâ??s had the same responsibilities for the past couple of months serving as the interim chief. Now that heâ??s Ottumwaâ??s top cop, he spoke with KTVO about his short term and long term goals for his department. He hopes to increase the amount of professionalism in the work environment and focus on training.

â??We'll start having a two day training session for each police officer in the department,â?? Chief McAndrew said, â??and we haven't done that for several years. We'll get back to that, so that's a big issue I want to address in the very near future.â??

The police chief has also discussed an outreach program he wants to start with city council members that involves interacting and reaching out to the Hispanic community.

He also touched on the topic of crime in our interview with him Tuesday. He says the most crimes in Ottumwa are thefts, burglaries, assaults or drug-related, but is a matter the department has under control.

â??Weâ??re not unique to crime we have all the crime that all the other cities have around this state and the country. We don't have anything outstanding that we need to address,â?? he said.