Police coax man off Macon bridge

Early Wednesday morning, officers from the Macon Police Department responded to a report that a man was attempting to jump off a bridge located on Highway 63 just south of Vine St.

Police arrived at the bridge right around 1:00 a.m. and observed a small group of people had gathered around a man sitting on the outer ledge of the bridge over the guardrail.

One of the bystanders was talking with the man in an attempt to keep him calm and to convince him not to jump.

With the help of one of the bystanders, the first officer on scene was able to quickly grab the man and bring him back across the bridge railing.

The man was taken into custody without further incident and transported to the Macon Police Department for further investigation.

As a result, a civil detention was obtained in an effort to keep the man safe and to provide further evaluation.

Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger commends the officerâ??s quick response and action to an urgent situation and the bystanders who assisted by talking to the man and by helping the officer remove him from the ledge.

(Information provided by Macon Police Department)