Police department getting driving simulator training

The Kirksville Police Department received some on the road training without getting in an actual car.

All police officers recently attended and successfully completed Defensive/Pursuit Driving training in Jefferson City.

The training was hosted by the Missouri Police Chief's Association and consisted of a mix of classroom study and time spent on an advanced training simulator that closely emulates real life emergency vehicle response situations.

This form of training for emergency response drivers goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving.

"In a real life scenario, you're going through the equipment like crazy. You're burning out motors, running through breaks, and breaking things on a regular basis. So it's very cost-prohibiting to do that and finding a place is difficult. Being able to do scenario after scenario is something we wouldn't be able to do on the track if we were doing in for real," said Chief Jim Hughes of the Kirksville Police Department.

Chief Hughes also added that the simulator helps officers with multi-tasking and decision making abilities.

They have done simulator training in the past and it has been a great resource for the department.