Police determine letters are legitimate

After issuing an alert concerning a mailer from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp., the Fairfield Police Department has now issued this statement:

Upon further investigation FPD officers were able to secure information this business exists and is NOT a scam. It is a business from out of state and an attorney for the company stated it is registered with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The attorney also stated they are not allowed to call it insurance in Iowa but the business stays within the guidelines of the BBB. Officers are not able to confirm registration with the BBB at this time. FPD cannot recommend or discourage persons from utilizing this business. The only legal task for the Police Department to complete was to determine if there was a scam, or illegal activity, and nothing illegal has been discovered. As with any internet transaction, all citizens are cautioned to be careful with all personal information. All citizens will be updated if any new information is discovered.

KTVO received this information about the company from Myles Meehan, SVP Public Relations,

HomeServe USA


â?¢ HomeServe USA (HomeServe), which has been in business since 2002, currently services over 1.5 million customers holding more than 2.2 million service plans in 46 States, the District of Columbia and Alberta, Canada. The company is authorized to do business in all 50 states.

â?¢ HomeServe plans are fully underwritten by Wesco and Technology Insurance Companies, AmTrust Group Insurance Companies rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best. HomeServe is the administrator of the service plans or in select states, insurance policies. HomeServe plans not only provide financial protection, but also facilitate the repair itself.

â?¢ Homeowners are responsible for their water and sewer lines in about 99% of cities and towns across the United States. Additionally, repairs to these water and sewer lines are not covered under most basic homeowners insurance policies, a fact that the majority of homeowners are not aware of until faced with an repair to one of these lines.

â?¢ On average, across its various product lines, HomeServe sends a technician out to help a consumer every 90 seconds of every day. Over the last three years, HomeServe has provided over $100 million in services to its customers, representing more than 600,000 service jobs across its product lines. HomeServe uses locally based, fully licensed, insured, and qualified contractors to perform service.

â?¢ HomeServe has a very satisfied base of customers. In fact, during 2013, 97% of customers surveyed are satisfied with the entire HomeServe USA emergency repair process.

â?¢ HomeServe frequently partners with local utilities and municipalities to offer service contracts to their customers. Currently, HomeServe has 39 such partners in the United States, including the Des Moines Water Works in Des Moines, Iowa. In other areas, HomeServe USA offers its services directly to homeowners as it has done in Fairfield. In those circumstances, HomeServe markets its services under its own trade name. In all instances, HomeServe lets people know in its communication materials that we are an independent company, separate from the local municipality or utility.

â?¢ HomeServe is affiliated with the Connecticut Better Business Bureau, and as such the CT-BBB is the only up-to-date and valid source of information regarding the Company. HomeServe is BBB Accredited and has received an â??A-â?? rating from the CT-BBB based on the service it provides to its customers.