Police investigate a shooting in downtown Kirksville

Update: 01/23/2013

Kirksville Police have released more information about the Saturday night events that have led to an investigation.

According to a news release, Kirksville police officers were on foot patrol near the intersection of Main and McPherson Streets when they heard a gunshot in the area of the Traveler's Apartments parking area. Officers responded and learned there had been a physical fight between parties and a gun had gone off. After searching the area officers found a gun and other evidence.

One person was taken into custody at the scene unrelated to the discharge of the firearm. The police have identifed a person of interest and the investigation is still onging.


A gun shot rings out in downtown Kirksville and the suspect is still at large.

Kirksville Police tell KTVO early Saturday morning, around 1:30, officers were on foot patrol in the downtown area, when they heard at least one gun shot.

As of Saturday evening, police say it is still unclear exactly where the shot was discharged. However, officers say it happened somewhere between Washington and McPherson Streets.

Officers did confirm there were no individuals or buildings struck by the gunshot.

Officers tell us they are still investigating and do have a person of interest.