Police investigate several commercial break-ins

Kirksville Small Animal Hospital surveillance caught the 2 hooded suspects on tape.

Kirksville Police are investigating several commercial break-ins.

In early September, police responded to the Kirksville Small Animal Hospital on North Green Street regarding a report of a break-in.

Upon further investigation, police found that two men had forced their way into the building and damaged property in what appeared to be a burglary attempt.

Tuesday night police responded to another attempted burglary at Custom Complete Automotive on North Baltimore Street.

A single suspect attempted to enter the building by prying a rear door open. The suspect was scared off when a security alarm sounded.

Nothing from the auto shop was stolen, but a replacement door and locks cost the owner $250.

"It's just aggravating. You go to work everyday and you try to make an honest living and you got some young punk running around who thinks he's a tough guy with crow bars and tearing people's stuff up, and all for no reason, you know what would he have got out of here any way, you know, it just don't make sense to me,â?? said Joe Conway, Manager of Custom Complete Automotive.

There are several similarities in these break-ins, but police are unsure whether or not there is any direct relation at this time.