Police making sure homes are safe and secured during the holidays

<p> Kirksville Police Department is distributing burglary prevention fliers.</p><p> </p>

With the holidays just around the corner, college students will leaving town, and the Kirksville Police Department wants to make sure their homes will be safe while they're away.

Officers have been going door-to-door distributing fliers in specific neighborhoods, attempting to make home owners and residents aware of the possibility of break-ins.

Two years ago, the police department saw an increase in break-ins and started passing out the burglary prevention fliers last year. The effort proved very successful.

If you receive a flier in your door, chances are you live in an area that has been targeted by burglars in the past.

There are some simple things you can do to keep from being a victim.

"Just make sure they secure their homes. They take any portable expensive items that are prone to be stolen to take them with them. Also keep an eye out if they're staying around or have other people keep an eye on their place," said Chief Jim Hughes of the Kirksville Police Department.

Chief Hughes also said the number one thing he wants people to remember is that if they see any type of suspicious activity, they should call the police department immediately to report it.