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      Police officer named Employee of the Quarter

      â??It's about what you can do for your community, and what you can do to help people.â?? A Heartland officer was awarded with the first Employee of the Quarter Award from the Macon Police Department. Tuesday night at the Macon City Council meeting Macon Police Chief Steve Olinger awarded the first Employee of the Quarter Award to Macon Police Department's School Resource Officer Adam Dawdy.

      Chief Olinger said during the summer months Officer Dawdy worked the roads. â??On one occasion he helped out a neighboring agency by identifying a suspect in some pretty serious crimes after looking at surveillance video he was able to help identify him,â?? Olinger said.

      Olinger said he received a phone call from an officer of another department who wanted to pass on some information about Officer Dawdy. â??He said they had seen Officer Dawdy roadside actually changing a tire,â?? Olinger said. â??It came to light that this elderly man actually wanted to call a tow truck and Officer Dawdy went to help him and it was an extremely hot day. The officer from the other agency that witnessed it called me and said â??I know it would have been easy for him, or any officer to just call a tow truck for (the elderly man) and just go on.â?? He said he thought it was very compassionate of Dawdy to actually get out and change the tire.â??

      According to Olinger, Dawdyâ??s compassion doesnâ??t end there. Officer Dawdy was called out to a Macon park on reports that a young child was there alone.

      After escorting the young boy to his home, Officer Dawdy learned the he had a condition that made him look younger than what he really is. He also noticed that he was riding a bike made for a little girl. â??Later Adam called me, and Adam took it upon himself â?| to by this young man a bike,â?? Olinger said. â??Out of his own pocket he put money towards the purchase of a bike.â??

      Chief Olinger said being a police officer is not only about making arrests. â??It's about what you can do for your community and what you can do to help people. I think Adam has been a very positive role model for the department, a positive role model for the kids he comes in contact with, especially at the school. Heâ??s done a lot of good for the department and Iâ??m proud to have him working for us.â??

      Officer Dawdy received a standing ovation after he was presented with the award.