Police report details sexual, physical abuse by Bloomfield man

UPDATE- Iowa Online Court Records indicate that a Preliminary Hearing in the case of the State of Iowa v. Kenneth Wayne Turner has been scheduled for October 3, 2013 at the Davis County Courthouse. The proceeding is scheduled to begin at 9:30.


Court records made available to KTVO document a shocking case of sexual abuse by a Bloomfield, Iowa, man, including drugging the minor victim of the abuse.

Kenneth Wayne Turner, 54, was arrested Sept. 28, after Bloomfield police conducted a wellness check at a residence in Bloomfield the day before.

Turner has been charged with seven counts of Sexual Abuse in the 3rd Degree, Administering Harmful Substances, and Assault Causing Injury.

The affidavit for the search warrant of Turner's cars and house on Locust Street details the case against Turner.

According to the documents, police interviewed a 17-year-old male as a result of the wellness check. The juvenile told police that he had been living at Turner's residence since Sept. 24.

The juvenile says that sexual abuse began the day he moved into the house, telling police that Turner asked him to remove his clothes so that they could be washed. He then allegedly gave the victim a shot behind the ear and the juvenile says that after receiving the shot he became dizzy and sleepy.

Allegedly the first instance of sexual abuse occurred soon after the victim received the shot. Turner allegedly told the victim he was a doctor and needed to examine him.

The victim then goes on to recount being sexually abuse by Turner numerous times over the following days in Turner's home in Bloomfield and Turner's farm in rural Davis County.

The juvenile also told investigators that Turner hit him several times with two brown leather belts that had been nailed together.

The juvenile also recounted being taken to another Davis County residence, where Turner introduced him as his "new son" and was photographed with him.

The juvenile was removed from the Turner home after friends of the juvenile arrived at Turner's home looking for the victim. Turner allegedly locked the juvenile in the basement bathroom. On the evening of Sept. 27, he escaped from the bathroom and left the house. Once outside, he found Bloomfield Police Chief Shawn Armstrong. Armstrong took the juvenile to the Davis County Law Center.

The victim told investigators that the sex acts were against his will and that he was afraid to physically resist because of what Turner might do to him, including reporting the victim to his probation officer.

Turner was released from custody on Monday after posting a cash bond.

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