Police say passing 'funny' money isnâ??t funny

On Monday, a local business in Macon contacted the Macon Police Department saying it had received a counterfeit $50 bill. It reported it also received smaller dollar amounts of counterfeit bills twice on two other occasions prior to Monday.

Macon Police Department Chief of Police Steve Olinger said businesses should pay attention to the money they receive and look for anything out of the ordinary.

â??A lot of the times you can tell counterfeit money by the texture and the weight of the bill,â?? Olinger said. â??A lot of the times it's not made with the same type of paper, so it will have a different feel and it won't have the texture and definitely won't have the same weight as a normal bill.â??

Chief Olinger said they are still looking for a suspect and looking into how the bills were fabricated.