Police searching for suspicious man who contacted young girl

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Police are searching for a suspect who witnesses say was acting suspicious around a young girl.

Unionville Police Chief Mathes told KTVO the incident happened around 5 p.m. Thursday night when a 13-year-old girl was walking across the Unionville Square to go into a business.

He said the girl told them she was approached by a man in his vehicle who told her to, "Come here."

Authorities say they don't believe at this time it was an attempt at a child abduction -- but they are trying to get in contact with the driver to figure out just what was happening.

They note that the 13-year-old said the man never specifically asked her to get into the vehicle.

They say the girl described the vehicle as an older, beat-up, possibly four-door, silver/blue colored car, and that the driver was in his late 40s-early-50s, with dark hair, a beard, and glasses.

Chief Mathes says if you have any information about the incident, or see someone matching the suspect or vehicle description, to give them a call at 660-947-3200.

He added that the girl acted appropriately in getting away from the man and telling police what happened right away.

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