Police warn residents of car wrapping scam

The Kirksville Police Department warns residents to be wary of a new scam.

They recently received a report of a possible scam by individuals claiming to represent Monster Energy Drinks.

According to the report, an individual who supposedly represents Monster Energy Drinks offeres to send a check for a few thousand dollars to the intended victim, who is then asked to cash the check and send a portion of the money back to the scammers.

The intended victim is then instructed to have their vehicle wrapped in vinyl decals advertising Monster Energy Drinks in return for a monthly payment for their advertisement.

This situation has been identified as a worldwide scam perpetrated by unknown individuals. The scammers have also claimed to be associated with other corporations such as Coca-Cola, XS Energy, Johnny Walker, Budweiser and among others. Monster Energy has released the following statement:

"Monster Energy Company is aware of a car wrap scam being perpetrated by parties unknown to it. The company does not have a 'car wrap' or 'paid to drive' program. We are cooperating with authorities investigating the matter."

This type of scam is a variation on a common scam asking the victim to cash a bogus check, keep some of the money and return a large portion of the proceeds to the scammers.

Anytime you are asked to do this you should be aware that the behavior is most likely a scam.

The scammers often use internet sites such as Craigslist, Facebook, Oodle, Gumtree and others to make contact with the intended victims.

If you have any information about this or other scams youâ??re asked to contact the Kirksville Police Department at (660)-785-6945, Dispatch at (660)-665-5621, Adair County Sheriffâ??s Office at (660)-665-4644 or anonymously at (660)-627-BUST (2878) or send them an email.