Poll workers working hard to make sure people vote

<p>Poll workers have been working hard since 5 a.m Tuesday for the Missouri Primary Elections.

Tuesday was Primary Election Day in Missouri and many poll workers were working hard since 5:00 that morning to make sure everything was up and running by the time polls opened at 6 a.m.

Our camera stopped by the Annex Building in Kirksville to see how turnout has been going. Poll workers said lines had been steady and many people were coming in groups at a time to voice their choice and vote.

Linda Caraway has been a poll worker for the past eight years. It's a job that she enjoys.

She says their main purpose is to make sure voting laws are followed and done properly.

Her favorite part is just seeing people exercise their right to vote.

"I think it's an honor to have and to be able to vote for who we want. It's a privilege. It's a freedom that we shouldn't take lightly," Caraway said.

Caraway says this job helps her give back to the community.

She says the most common mistake people make is coming to the wrong voting location.

The polls remain open until 7 p.m. Next the ballots will be sent to the county clerk's office to be counted.

Stay tuned to KTVO for results as they come in.