Pool and Gym vote Tuesday for Jefferson County unincorporated townships

Tuesday, Jefferson County residents of unincorporated areas will be heading to the polls for the change of sales tax vote to fund the outdoor swimming pool and recreational facility.

What this would do is change the formula by which the sales tax is distributed.

Currently it is set up with 20% for bridges and culverts and 80% for property tax relief.

The portion used to fund the outdoor pool and rec. facility would come out of the property tax relief side.

Jefferson County Supervisors said that would amount to about 16% or roughly $15 for every $100,000 of assessed evaluation on residential property.

â??It will be a 10-year max. If the debt is retired prior to 10 years then that portion that was used to pay off the debt will automatically roll back into property tax relief without another vote being required. It's a simple majority since it's a sales tax referendum. It's a simple majority and so 51 votes to 50 votes and it would pass,â?? said Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor.

Those who wish to vote can vote in their respected townships at their polling places.