Popular business switches locations

A popular business in the Heartland has picked up and moved locations.

Sydentricker Farm and Lawn is no longer located within the Kirksville city limits. For several years they were located at the intersection of Baltimore and New Street, but over the summer, they closed up shop and moved north.

They are now located five miles north from their old location near Hwy 63 North and Hungry Hollow Rd. Their new location opened up for business on August 19th, 2013 and is much bigger than their old facility. That is the main reason why they relocated, and the company doesnâ??t think it will affect their customer database.

â??You know our facility in the middle of town in Kirksville served us well for several years, but as most people who have visited of us could see, we couldnâ??t even fit some of the machinery inside the shop and things like that,â?? said Jeremy Schneider the Aftermarket Manager for Sydenstricker. â??We moved north of town right off the 63, so itâ??s really easy to find us, but that facility is much large and more open, and should be able to help us produce the best quality products that we can as far as service for all of our customers in the Kirksville area.â??

Sydenstrickerâ??s has also created a whole new department called Integrated Solutions. The purpose of that department is for staff to gather information and data out in the field and help farmers and producers use it effectively. They also make sure that new technology introduced to the farming community is seamless for everyone involved.


Kirksville Location

14018 Hungry Hollow Rd. (HWY 63 & Hungry Hollow Rd)