Possible homicide investigation

Scene in front of the house in Olds, Iowa

Special Agent Jeff Uhlmeyer from the Department of Criminal Investigation tells KTVO that the autopsy of the deceased male has been postponed until tomorrow, due to a scheduling issue at the State Crime Lab.

Uhlmeyer says he expects that the names of the couple involved in the incident will be released sometime after the autopsy is complete.


New details are emerging in what was thought to be a murder/suicide in the Henry County town of Olds.

The Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation released a statement early Thursday morning saying that an Olds man is dead and his wife has been transported to the University of Iowa hospitals as the result of an apparent domestic dispute.

Law enforcement responded to a 911 call around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

When they arrived at 201 South Smith Street, a female with multiple injuries reported to officers she had been assaulted by her husband.

When officers searched the residence, they found a man dead on the kitchen floor.

The names of the individuals have not been released pending notification of the families.

An autopsy on the male subject is scheduled for Thursday.


Wednesday evening, the usually quiet town of Olds, Iowa saw a lot of flashing lights and quite a bit of commotion.

Weâ??ve received unconfirmed reports of a possible murder-suicide in the Henry County town. Investigators will neither confirm nor deny that at this time.

We saw an official take what appeared to be a paper bag out of his vehicle and walk inside the house with it. What happened inside the house, we donâ??t know right now.

We caught up with someone who lived in the neighborhood.

â??One of the neighbors said that the state trooper or one of the police men said that it wasn't good but no other details other than that. I know they moved in a couple years ago but other than that I don't know them. I think they drive semi (trucks) so they're not home a lot but Iâ??ve never interacted with them or talked with them, no,â?? said Jenni Slagel, an Olds, Iowa resident.

The dispatcher at the Henry County Sheriffâ??s office told KTVO that the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) is now handling the case. She said the DCI agent was hoping to have a press release issued Wednesday night. As of now, we havenâ??t received it.

As soon as we get more information on this, weâ??ll let you know.