Possible repairs for the Adair County courthouse

During a recent Kirksville Downtown Improvement Committee Meeting, KTVO learned that the Adair County Commissioners are looking into the cost of making improvements to the county courthouse.

County Commissioner Carson Adams said the first concern is repairing the rafters. After that is done, Adams said the Commissioners would also like to modernize the building, including putting in new, energy, efficient windows and installing a new heating and air conditioning system. He said these repairs could cost millions of dollars and so far, the county has not found a way to fund them.

"In the last couple of years, there were all types of grants out there but as of right now, it seems that the grants from the state and federal government have all dried up and run out of funds, " said Adams. "It looks like something we may have to end up doing on our own. That's one of the things we may do.. is part of it right now and hopefully find some grants later on. "

Adams said with the interest rates so low, the county will probably be able to get a 15-year loan at no higher than a 3.5% interest rate to fund the rafter repairs.

He said if the commissioners decide to go ahead with the project, it could bring 30 new jobs to the area.