Possible text scam targets cell phone users

The Kirksville Police Department has received information regarding text messages sent to citizens' cellular phones prompting them to contact smiOne card services in reference to a â??status alert.â?? The company is affiliated with the Missouri Family Support Payment Center as a manner in which benefits can be received through the Department of Social Services.

The text messages reported to Kirksville Police appear to be a â??phishing scamâ?? in which fraudsters are attempting to obtain personal information from the recipients. The Kirksville Police Department urges anyone receiving such a text message to refrain from contacting the number(s) listed in the text message or giving out any personal information in such a manner.

Furthermore, smiONE Visa has listed the following message on their website:

"Attention smiONE Visa® Prepaid Card Cardholders: Beware of fraudulent schemes that attempt to lure customers to call a fraudulent telephone number and input personal information. Please be aware of fraudulent messaging that may appear to come from a legitimate source. If you receive a call/email/or text from a telephone number different than what is on the back of your card, do not call this number. If you have questions about your account, call the telephone number on the back of your card. Remember to never click on any link that seems suspicious or provide any personal information."

smiONE also listed tips for dealing with â??phishing scamsâ??:

On April 26, 2013: smiONE listed the following status on their Facebook:

"Fraudsters are trying to obtain your account information. Never give your PIN or card number to anyone who calls or texts you. smiONE will not call you asking for information as we have other ways of verifying your identity. Please do not respond to the scam messages as they are not being sent from smiONE. Thank you!"

Anyone with information regarding possible scams is encouraged to contact the Kirksville Police Department at (660) 785-6945, (Dispatch) (660) 665-5621 or anonymously at (660) 627-BUST (2878) or email

(Information provided by Kirksville Police Department)