Potential pet dangers during the summer months

Leaving your pet out in the backyard might be more dangerous than you think.

Several types of flowers and plants can be as toxic to our furry friends as they are beautiful.

Experts find that lilies are very poisonous to cats whether they are in the yard or in a vase.

Certain fertilizers, soil additives and pesticides can also be dangerous for your pet.

However, itâ??s important to keep an eye on your pets surroundings whether itâ??s inside or outdoors.

â??My worst case was a cat that chewed on a lily that was actually inside in a vase and it didnâ??t make it, so it is very serious,â?? said Dr. Emily Basler, D.V.M. at the Kirksville Small Animal Hospital.

Now, many of you may have seen an article going viral on social media claiming that ice cubes are bad for dogs.

But youâ??ll be happy to know that the rumor is false.

â??The ice cubes were made out to be a lot scarier than they actually are,â?? said Dr. Basler. â??My biggest fear with an ice cube would be that your dog would possibly choke on it or chip a tooth. The big fear is that a large breed dog would drink a lot of water, be it cold or warm, and then their stomach can get very full and flip on itself.â??

A few symptoms to look out for are consistent vomiting, excessive pain or strange behavior in your pets.

If you notice any of these symptoms make sure to get your pet to a vet right away.