Pothole patching like chasing your tail

Dodging potholes is something most of us are doing a lot lately.

It seems they're literally around every corner.

Kirksville Public Works Director John Buckwalter said they have a crew out everyday patching potholes, but he says right now it's a never-ending battle because of the constant freezing and thawing.

We'll keep slugging away at them, but they're going to appear. We'll fix one area of a street, and we'll get a call a few hours later, and there's a pothole where there wasn't one before, said Buckwalter.

Buckwalter said to make a proper repair, the potholes need to be dry, but that's not going to happen right now, so crews have to use an asphalt and rock mix to temporarily patch the potholes.

That pre-mix costs the City of Kirksville $132 per ton.

Crews be fighting potholes from now until the end of March.