Potholes pop up across the area

Potholes popping up in the area are causing drivers to experience a bumpy ride.

The end of winter and the beginning of spring has brought potholes of all shapes and sizes to the area. Kirksville Public Works crews are in the process of getting a jump start on the patching.

Crews have been out the past three days filling the holes with asphalt. 5-tons of asphalt have already been used just in the past week.

When water gets into a crack in the road, that causes the hole to expand, creating an even bigger problem for drivers. As the temperatures increase and the ground begins to un-freeze, even more potholes are expected to make for a difficult drive.

"They are creeping up and becoming a problem as the ground begins to thaw and shift, and everything else. So that's what we're having to deal with right now," said Alan Griffiths, Kirksville Public Works Director.

The Public Works Department is encouraging those in the area to report potholes. You can contact the Kirksville Public Works Department at (660) 627-1291 or click here to submit a report to our online pothole patrol.