Pounds of pills rounded up by Macon P.D.

The Macon Police Department, Macon County Public Water Supply District, and The Missouri Rural Water Association participated in the National Drug Take Back event organized by the Drug Enforcement Administration. 59.5 lbs of drugs were rounded up from the event and 269.5 lbs have been gathered since the program began. After the event was over, the drugs were shipped to the Drug Enforcement Agency where they are safely disposed.

â??We just dispose of them and try to make where these types of medications pill are not making it into our water systems, but it also helps us make sure that were taking these types of drugs away from those who might abuse them or children that might possibly get a hold of them when they shouldn't and hopefully prevent any type of drug abuse or possible overdose,â?? said Steve Olinger Chief of Police for the Macon Police Department.

The Macon police department hopes to hold another event in the fall. If you have drugs that you would like to get ride of before then, please call 660-385-2195 to set up an appointment.