Power Wagons invade Fairfield

Vintage power wagon enthusiasts gathered in Fairfield over the weekend for the 2014 National Dodge Power Wagon Rally.

The event is in its 27th year and attracts power wagon lovers from many different places.

"We have folks that come from all over the world and all over the country to gather and play with their trucks and talk about their trucks and parts," said Vintage Power Wagons President Jens Butler. "We've got trucks over here that are as old as 1939, 1940 up until the mid 70s."

This year's event saw a good number of participants with 224 attending the event.

81 trucks participated in the Saturday morning parade from Burlington Avenue to the Fairfield Square.

There was plenty of good food served, plenty of trail rides, and plenty of storytelling around the campfire.

A banquet and awards dinner was held Saturday night at the Fairfield Golf and Country Club.

The rally officially ends on Saturday, but because many like to stay and enjoy the Fairfield community and each other's community a bit longer, the vintage power wagons shop will be open Sunday morning.