Powerball hopefuls flock to one lucky Ottumwa convenience store

One of the Powerball tickets from Quick Shop

Millions of people around the country are hoping they are the lucky winner of Wednesdayâ??s Powerball of more than $500 million.

In Ottumwa, Quick Shop is the number one convenience store in the state of Iowa as far as lottery sales go which contributes to a lot of wins. Because of that, many say the store is lucky and it is evident by the long lines of people waiting on Wednesday to get their hands on the winning ticket.

So what would you do if you won and is there a strategy to winning?

â??I would sit down and look at the numbers again just to double make sure, and we'd probably make a short trip to Des Moines and probably call some investors. What do I do with all this money? What am I supposed to do with all this money,â?? said Doug Techel, Powerball hopeful.

â??I was listening to the radio earlier this morning and they said don't ever go in a diagonal and look at the numbers that have been picked often so I use those tips and hopefully they'll be the winning numbers,â?? said Karrina Findley, Powerball Hopeful.

So set your clocks for 9:59 Wednesday night when the lucky numbers are announced because as Willy Wonka says, you may just have that golden ticket.