Preferred Family Healthcare gets a facelift

A Northeast Missouri Organization receives a facelift to its building.

Preferred Family Healthcare held an open house earlier Friday afternoon at its Jamison location in Kirksville.

Employees and local officials gathered to take a tour of the newly remodeled rooms, which include an art room, exercise and fitness room, music room and a group counseling room.

Preferred Family Healthcare said these new rooms will help provide a better environment for patients who are fighting substance abuse.

"When people come in for treatment, it's a very difficult decision for them. It's a time in their lives they need that extra support. We wanted to provide them the best facility we could so they can have those needs met," said Preferred Family Healthcare Chief Operating Officer Ann Hutton.

Preferred Family Healthcare also said patients get a chance to discover any hidden talents they have to help them get rid of their addictions.

"It provides them opportunities to get in touch with other areas of themselves. Whether its through art or any type of creativity. It's helped a lot of people fight their substance abuse and work on relapse prevention and identify other alternatives coping skills than using," Hutton said.

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