Preparedness key to surviving disasters


After inclement weather hit Missouri this week leaving many stranded, emergency first responders are cautioning the need for preparedness.

"You have to do something before it happens," said Adair County Sheriff Bob Hardwick.

This message was echoed by all first responders interviewed.

"There's probably a mindset that nothing is going to happen here or nothing is going to happen to me," Hardwick said.
"Get inside. Stay informed," said Disaster Specialist for the American Red Cross John Dungan.

The American Red Cross offers emergency preparedness kits filled with all the necessities on its website. These kits can be self-made as well.

During and after a disaster, first responders have plans in place.

"We have three different levels. We have level one, which is going to require two or three of our ambulances to respond. We could have a level two which would require at least four to five ambulances to respond," said Executive Director of Adair County's Ambulance District Larry Burton.

The third involves help from outside counties.

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